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Emma says: "We took on Rudy. our black lab rescue dog and Kate was recommended to me by a friend. I can safely say that for mine and Rudy's welfare this has been the best move I've made. When Kate came tome for the first time I couldn't believe the control she had over the dog and the respect my dog showed her. Her advice is based on good common sense and she helps you see the world through a dog's eyes. Her enthusiasm and love of dogs is infectious. I sometimes regard Kate as more of a human trainer than a dog trainer!"

"What a difference a day makes Merlin has picked up quickly. No problem with metal bridge or lion statues. No pulling on the old collar and lead but we have now got today a half choke and training lead (bright orange). Thank you very much". Nick, Merlin and a grateful family

"Dear Kathleen. Really appreciated all your patience on Sunday. I am knackered after todays efforts and pushing Woody past his panic attacks-but determined!! And WE HAVE WALKED!! 3 TIMES TODAY!! AND NOT JUST TO THE PARK!! Looking forward to hearing abut your obedience course.
What luxury!!! Walking without too much hassle-at last!! And Woody is sitting on command!! Kath"

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