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Full or Half Day
All clients (unless they require help with aggression or special training) begin with this session The session typically lasts for 3 hours (half day) or 5 hours (full day) and gives your trainer a chance to get to know you, run through a series of questions to build up a clearer picture of your situation and to observe your dog's behaviour. You will then be shown a variety of techniques to help adjust your dog's behaviour and be able to observe how your dog responds to alternative handling, after which your trainer will ask you to attempt the techniques yourself and give you feedback to enable you to master the methods you are using. You will be encouraged to find a training method that you and your dog find comfortable and to incorporate your learning into your everyday life.

A non-refundable deposit of £50 is payable via PayPal at time of booking to secure your appointment once the date & time is agreed.


By the hour
These sessions are booked by clients who would like to advance their training following a Primary Consultation and are charged by the hour. You can book as many sessions as you like for an hour or more per time to cover more advanced training, learning tricks, grooming and many more things. Ask your trainer if you are interested in continuing your learning.


Email for confirmation & time. Saturday pm, Sunday all day.

£5 per half hour, NO WITH-HELD NUMBERS PLEASE. Pay by PayPal.


Full day
These sessions are designed to rehabilitate dogs with aggression issues or to specifically tailor a training programme for dogs with disabilities which affect their ability to learn within standard parameters.

Many dogs with hearing or vision impairments, and their owners, can benefit from specially designed learning programmes, and dogs whose health (e.g. epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease) limits their abilities, perform better with a holistic training approach. Many dogs with these conditions are not permitted to enter obedience classes so have no other access to learning.

Dogs who have exhibited aggression are also limited in their access to rehabilitation and support and these sessions are ideal for those dogs and owners who feel there is no other avenue of aid open to them.

Email for confirmation & time & date.

A non-refundable deposit of £50 is payable via PayPal at time of booking to secure your appointment once date & time is agreed.

Spiritlink are Obedience Course providers in the Ludlow area.

Courses offered: Puppy socialisation; Bronze, Silver & Gold Obedience and Junior Handler.

Socialisation Walks - join my pack for a power-walk through Mortimer Forest or a stroll through Ludlow or one of our other local market towns to improve your dog's social skills.
Socialisation Walks take place on the 1st Sunday and 3rd Thursday of each month (April - October)
2015 Fees = £10 per dog is payable via PayPal.

As every walk is different please email for a meeting point.

We also transport client's dogs to veterinary appointments, boarding kennels or groomers and offer power walking and training exercise for dogs belonging to less mobile clients.

Obedience course costs, vet visits and dog walking fees can vary so please contact us for an exact figure.

Please ask for more information on our services.

Generic advice on all aspects of dog ownership is available via phone and can be booked via the website. They are charged at £10 per 1/2 hour via PayPal.

Once your booking is received a time slot will be emailed to you.


Spiritlink Behaviour Programmes are tailored to suit individual dog/owner relationships, for this reason it is not possible to solve issues purely by phone, post or e-mail. A full behavioural consultation or training class MUST be completed before any such advice may be given.

Dogs subject to a consultation for behavioural issues must have all medical needs assessed by a qualified veterinary practitioner prior to a consultation.

We carry full public liability and professional indemnity insurance, however you may be asked to read and sign a disclaimer regarding your responsibilities as the dog’s owner. This is essentially a DIY method and Spiritlink cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects if the programmes are not applied correctly and consistently.

We look forward to training with you.
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