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Since childhood, many animals have played a large part in the life of Spiritlink trainer Kathleen MacNaughton-Hughes, but her affinity with dogs has remained paramount. It has been a lifelong dream to promote her love of dogs and help communication between dogs and owners.

For many years, Kate has worked predominantly in rescue and rehabilitation. This involved taking in and assessing rescue dogs, working with them to adapt their behaviour and enable them to become loving family pets. She has specialised in over confident and aggressive dogs, although no-one has been turned away.

Kate has also worked extensively with deaf, blind and epileptic dogs and dogs with other debilitating health issues.

Following many requests for help and advice, she decided to make this her vocation and Spiritlink was born. The name was inspired by the connection between dog and handler and the fulfilment that brings.

Kate maintains her close links with many local and national rescue organisations, volunteering her help whenever possible and can often put prospective homes in contact with rescues having suitable canine candidates. Due to her involvement with specific health issues, Kate has researched various diets and complementary therapies and can assist clients with finding appropriate practitioners.

Her work with rescue dogs has encouraged her active membership of many charities and clubs including Justice for Dogs, Canine Health Concern and KC Dog and her support and promotion of many more. Kate also runs the Ludlow Food Festival Day Creche twice a year. Staffed by volunteers this valuable service raises money for small local charities. The "Spiritlink pack" consists of various dogs who are training at various levels in agility, search and rescue work, tracking, working trials, assistance work and GCDS awards including dogs on foster for many local rescues.

Kate regularly involves her pack in training sessions and they are an appreciated addition to her client's extended families. Each Spiritlink Training programme is tailored specifically to you and your dog. Whether you choose hourly lessons, a behavioural consultation or help with choosing your puppy or rescue dog, your Spiritlink trainer is there to support you.

Our services are praise and reward based with lessons scheduled to suit you.

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